About Blossom Global Trust

Dr. Hema Sivakumar

Blossom Global Trust is secular, apolitical and non -profit organization which came into existence on 11-03-2010 with a mission "To serve the poorest and disabled in the society and bring them to a near normal status". The sole Moto is "Health care delivery and Education to all".

Blossom Global Trust is founded by Dr. Hema Sivakumar, a leading Gynaecologist who has a high and noble intention of service mentality for upliftment of the poor, downtrodden and under priviledged in the society irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Cerebral Corrective Surgery

The notable projects are in Spastic Cerebral Palsy where the Children and the parents suffer throughout their life time, are given a remedy by means of medical fraternity ie., Medicines, Surgical Treatment followed by Rehabilitation team by issuing Calipers, Fitting Orthosis and by giving them a "complete comprehensive treatment" and the "patient being treated as a whole" through Blossom Global Trust. The main aim of treating the "Neurologically Injured", "End of Life care" for the aged people and Stroke patients are note worthy, which has not been done by most of the voluntary organizations except a few.

The Blossom Global Trust also aims at Research work in the field of Medicine, Funding and giving aids for the above research work and training personelles who are derouted from the poverty line and Educating them.

Future Plans

The above unique features of Blossom Global Trust need further encouragement even though received appreciations from the public. This Charitable Trust with its genuine activities being carried out, recognized for registration under U/S. 80G will be able to pool more funds from philanthropists and continue the Charity.